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Directed by: Andrew Goldsmith & Bradley Slabe

Produced by: Lucy J. Hayes

Written by: Bradley Slabe

Director of Photography & Motion Control: Gerald Thompson

Animation: Samuel Lewis

Production Designer: Rennie Watson

Film Editors: Andrew Goldsmith & John Gavin

VFX Creative Director: Andrew Goldsmith

Supervising Sound Designer: Ryan Granger

Music by: Adrian Sergovich With Jonathan Dreyfus

Set Dressers: Sophie Haywood & Laura Curtis

Props Makers: Samuel Lewis, Laura Curtis & Donna Yeatman

Set Builder: Sophie Haywood

Scenic Artists: Aimee Francis & Xin Li

Art Assistants: Raphael Fantl, Nicholas Issel, Nathan Reardon, Michael Greaney & Eve Gilbert

Cultural Advisor: Kei Shiokawa

Character Designer & Sculptor: Samuel Lewis

Character Armaturist: Scott Ebdon

Character Crochet Artist: Julie Ramsden

VFX Associate Producer: Haley Polacik

VFX Supervisor & Pipeline Director: Dave Abbott

Compositors: Andrew Goldsmith, Dave Abbott, Brent Cataldo, John Gavin, Andrew Montague, Toby Angwin, Damien Dunne, Scarlette Baccini & Trace Vfx

Rotoscope Artist: Douglas E Pope

Colourist: Edel Rafferty

Poster Photography: Patrick Moran

End Titles Designer: Rebecca Moore

Sound Mix: Dead On Sound

Sound Designers: Ryan Granger & Adam Hunt

Assistant Sound Designers: Shane Jarvie-Kohn & Talia Raso

Voice of the Fox: Maria Angelico

Voice of the Dinosaur: Marc Gallagher

Sound Help from: Joel Taylor & The Black Lodge

Woodwinds: Stuart Byrne

Brass: City of Prague Philharmonic

Strings: Jonathan Dreyfus

Harp: Genevieve Lang

Piano: Adrian Sergovitch

Score Engineers: Jezz Giddings, Damian Enemark & Jan Holzne

Score Mixed by: Jonathan Dreyfus

Score Recording Help from: Craig Harnath For Hothouse Audio, James Fitzpatrick For Tadlow Music, Laura Bishop For Jigsaw Music & Song Zu

Legal: Shaun Miller

Special Thanks: Raphael Fantl, Tom Fantl, Dave Abbott, Haley Polacik, John Gavin, Patrick Moran, Samuel Lewis, Gerald Thompson, Justin Donoghue, Nerida Moore, Louise Gough, Nell Greenwood, John Tummino, Darryl Slabe, Matisse Fantl & Sophie Mcpike

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